David L. Tkach, Attorney at Law
Wednesday 19th of June 2024

David L. Tkach, PLLC understands the challenges companies and corporations face in today's ever-changing and volatile business environment. We know that businesses need to respond quickly and efficiently to these challenges and potentially make an opportunity out of every crisis. Whether it is completing an acquisition, raising capital or navigating an inevitably dissolution in order to begin anew, we continuously strive to provide the best service and the best value to our clients. We know that what a business wants an attorney that can be relied upon for sound business-focused advice that will rise to the occasion no matter the query or situation.

We understand that important transactions can demand significant time and resources on a business. Our goal is to help manage those demands and produce optimal results in every transaction. David L. Tkach, PLLC strives to provide practical legal advice to business enterprises of every description for every situation. Many of the typical transactions we assist with are among the following:

David L. Tkach, PLLC is familiar with the specific idiosyncrasies of the construction industry. We feel many common problems that arise within this industry can be avoided at the contract negotiation stage through careful attention to the details of the various agreements, clarification of the parties' responsibilities and identification of potential or recurring trouble spots.

We place major emphasis on providing proactive preventative counseling and advice, with the goal of avoiding counter-productive, costly disputes and litigation on the common industry issues such as:

Our overriding goal is to resolve all construction disputes as quickly and efficiently as possible, with the best possible results for our clients.

Never forget the "entertainment business" is a "business." Any artist, writer or other individual with value tied to its image, product or craft should take certain steps to ensure that the intellectual property associated with its "work" is protected. Only when a client's rights surrounding its work are securely established can it feel comfortable going to third parties regarding the marketing, development, or exploitation of this work.

At David L. Tkach, PLLC we provide many methods to protect the work that clients have created or have had a hand in creating. Among those methods are the following:

David L. Tkach, PLLC understands that many companies or corporations derive a substantial amount of their tangible value from their intellectual property. Therefore, it is essential that when we represent clients of this nature we to come to an understanding regarding the client's business and commercial objectives vis-á-vis its intellectual property. This approach allows David L. Tkach, PLLC to bring a practical and client-centered approach to advising these businesses, and to the structuring, drafting and negotiation of a wide range of agreements covering various forms of intellectual property including, but not limited to: